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Hi, I am Rob Anderson founder of  For those of you that do not know we are family owned and operated business that has been based out of North Alabama since 1980.  Summer of 1998 we completed construction on our new 15,000 square foot warehouse located just off of interstate 65.  At the time we were a wholesale only business but quickly realized the demand for a local retail store so in 1999 we opened our first retail showroom. Despite the tuff times our country has faced our business has continued to grow and grow forcing us to add onto the building a total of 6 times which now has our 1.6 acre lot busting at the seams.


Our ecommerce business got its start in 2005 when I winched a 1969 Ford Bronco out of a cow pasture. Overall it was in pretty good shape but had not run in over 10 years and needed what I told my wife was a "slight refreshining". At the time I was a newlywed and very short on cash so I opened up an eBay account to help raise the funds needed. At first I sold things from around my house and then moved on to selling used items from around the shop but it only took a few month for me to run out of items to sell.  So fall of 2005 I started selling new inventory from our warehouse on eBay in my spare time. The results really opened my eyes to just how big eBay and online sales in general had become so I started focusing on getting our own website started.  That 69 Bronco project is still not complete but has now become one of the United States largest online retailers of aftermarket truck accessories.


This is not a spare time gig any more and we no longer sell used parts from around the shop.  I now spend 100% of my work week focused on making Got-Chrome a better place to shop and everything we sell is brand new in the unopened box 1st quality merchandise.  To speed up delivery times and keep shipping cost low we now ship orders from 4 warehouses across the USA.  We have an experienced customer service team that has hands on experience with all of the products we sell and detailed knowledge about the vehicles they fit on.


Got-Chrome will never be a place to buy anything automotive.  We specialize in aftermarket truck accessories that the average truck owner can install using tools they already own.  We have hands on experience with all of the product lines available on our site.  We have used our 30+ years of experience in this business to narrow down our selection to products we know you will be fully satisfied with and can depend on to last the life of the vehicle.  If you are searching for advice on which parts fit, look, and perform the best from people that have seen it, installed it, and used it your search is over.



"Slight Refreshining Needed"

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